Zavala for U.S. Congressman 2012

by JZ

To all of my current and future supporters, thank you and muchas gracias for your time, effort, and determination during these last few months.

During the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the ways I could best serve my constituents as well as the communities that need the most. I’ve thought it over and decided that as Commissioner for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District would be a great opportunity but not necessarily one where I could work directly with the people at a ground level. As a community organizer, activist, and advocate of those in need, I find it a priority to find the best position that would help me advocate for the most positive change.

Therefore, I’ve decided to run for U.S. Congressman of the 4th district of Illinois. Neighborhoods such as Avondale, Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Little Village, Pilsen, and suburbs such as Berwyn and Cicero, are areas where I will advocate for social and environmental change as well as areas to foster prosperity. These are some of the areas embarking the 4th district where I will fervidly work towards a better future with your help and support.

Zavala speaking with local workers about their rights in the workforce.

Tomorrow I will be in Logan Square and Humboldt Park and in Pilsen on Friday. To contact me directly with your thoughts and ideas, definitely feel free to send us an email at to speak about what is most important to you in your community.

I am very pleased with the people I’ve met today in Logan Square and their encouraging words. We’ve had some interesting conversations ranging from the presidency, social change in Chicago, as well as parking permits in the city.

If you see me in your neighborhoods, come say hi and let’s continue the conversation!


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